The Bold Team

An innovative and diverse team developing forward thinking and unconventional processes to improve our partner’s distribution operations. Improving efficiency and elevating product dispatch and transport.


An honest and dependable team focused on providing our partners with reliable and committed services which are constantly being refined.


An eagerness to push for improvements in distribution flows is what drives us to innovate and develop leading services for our partners.


We go to great lengths to ensure the development of seamless services in order to present our partners with an unmatched quality of service.


We believe everyone we work with, both internally and externally, has the ability to make a difference for the company. Collaboration drives a passion to make a difference.


An insight into the manufacturing processes and respect for our partners means we are able to adjust and flex our internal operations to better suit the needs of those closest to us.


A deep understanding of the seriousness of being efficient and having a systematic and organized business flow pushes us to consistently innovate and locate obstacles and remove them.

Established in December 2017 in Aguascalientes, Mexico, Bold Distributions was the result of combining the diverse capabilities of three business-minded individuals from Germany, Singapore, and Kosovo. Spending time in business environments abroad provided them with an abundance of experience in understanding other nations customs, business culture, and corporate workflows. Holding on to these life experiences and utilizing them to develop a company with solid values and structure is what will ensure its success in both the short and long terms.

The founders of Bold Distributions are not only diverse in culture, but also in their career. Backgrounds in Engineering, Marketing, and Quality Management make the Bold Distributions team equipped both educationally and professionally to navigate a competitive and saturated global distribution market. The team’s experience in major business fields presents them with the expertise to innovate new, effective and efficient distribution techniques for partnering companies.

A passion for consistently delivering high-quality services and unmatched integrity and coherence give Bold Distributions the backbone every successful business needs.

Last but not least, we are not afraid to Be BOLD!