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Spirit of Drini
Natural Spring Water

Collected from a mountain spring in the Dinaric Mediterranean Alps, the water in Spirit of Drini is some of the most pristine and pure in the world. As part of the European Green Belt, the Dinaric Mediterranean Alps are protected by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, leaving Spirit of Drini’s water free of all impurities.

Spirit of Drini’s balanced composition of precious minerals and micronutrients, extremely low sodium content and absolute zero exposure to radioactivity has meant it gained certification for infant consumption. Germany’s leading chemistry analysis laboratory, SGS Institut Fresenius, stringently tested the water and officially certified it for use in the preparation baby foods.

Spirit of Drini has also been awarded countless certifications and honors for its purity and quality. The water was awarded membership with prestigious Fine Water Society in 2015.

Bold Distributions is proudly the exclusive distributor of Spirit of Drini in Mexico.